5 Mistakes in Astrology

5 Mistakes in Astrology

You start to learn astrology around you and start to be treated like a fortune teller. This situation goes to the power of some astrologers, some likes and benefits, some work hard to teach the truth. Therefore, it is necessary not to dismiss the wrong judgments in his mind, which is not involved in this business. There is another such as being instrumental in teaching the other life the truth. That's why I wanted to write this article. In order to humbly correct mistakes that are known to be true and that are constantly on the agenda ... There is a time for knowledge to unfold. It is rumored that for a long time, before the flood, human beings were much, much more advanced than the level reached now. According to the law of Evolution in esoterism, human beings will experience a downward descent first and then an ascension. At the time of humanity's decline, ancient knowledge was hidden behind symbolism to reveal the time of ascension. Part of the tail is also astrological information. Ancient knowledge newly emerging in another future was open to all the old simple and used for the benefit of humanity. We, as the souls who chose to come to the world at this time to witness the awakening period, that transition, are trying to use astrological science correctly and start its true value again. Anyway, enough seriousness. Now let's come to everyone's porn gum ...

"NASA made a statement: Zodiac 13 is out!"

No, sir, there is no such thing. Bringing this news to the agenda every year with care, we will have a couple of words. This news comes alive every year, and we make a statement every year. There is no such thing. So, where does this news come from? Let's explain right away. When you look at the constellations placed on the ecliptic, you will see Ophiuchus on Scorpio. The ancients count Ophiuchus in Scorpio. The Scorpio archetype has three stages. The first is that Scorpions, who have not yet developed themselves, have a shallow spirituality. The second archetype is the Serpent that has developed itself. The snake is wise. The third and most advanced Scorpio archetype is the Eagle. Kartal is now the healer of society. Ophiuchus is the second Scorpion archetype, the Serpent. Therefore, it is not considered separately from Scorpio and named as the 13th Zodiac sign. I hope you "Has my horoscope changed?" I got rid of his anxiety.

"Returning to the sign rising after the age of 30."

No, sir, there is no such thing. The rising sign is our mask. It shows how people see us from the outside, our physical characteristics, our health. It tells about our basic motivations. The map starts with the ascendant sign and all comments are made according to the ascendant. Let me give you a little tip: If you read horoscope anywhere, read your rising sign.

"Alas Mercury Retros is starting!"

Yes, there is such a thing. I would like to give general information about the retro: A planet doesn't really move backwards, but we are looking at the sky from the earth and when a planet moves slower than the earth it appears to be retracting. Astrology is the interpretation of astronomical movements. Therefore, there is a meaning symbolized by this movement. The retro movement brings the inner journey to the fore. During the retro movement of any planet, it is an opportunity to experience an inward turn on the issues expressed by that planet and to complete the incomplete issues that are missing and to reconsider those issues. So don't be afraid of retro, evaluate it. Also, if your phone was broken in every Mercury retrograde, you would have to change phones 3-4 times a year!

"Astrological prediction is no different from fortune telling."

Sorry. Astrological predictions are based on the statistical basis obtained by daily examination of the earth with the sky from day one, while based on spiritual powers without any reliance on fortune-telling. It should not be forgotten that a sky can be washed at the same time in 25.920 years, and the predictions made for the information at hand are not 100% correct. If so, his own free will changes the course of events that will occur. As a result, an astrologer talks about potential events.

"There were harsh effects in the sky, bad things will happen to me."

Another false information… A natal chart is the sky position of the moment you were born. Therefore, it does not change. The promised events will take place 24/7. Planets can come into being if the planets become active in the wandered planets and the planets are affected.

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